October 10, 2013

Create Android Application

                                          After installing Eclipse and all the components required for android development (You can use This Tutorial for to knew How to start Android Development). Now you can create your first Hello World Android Application.

Create Hello World Application.

You can create your Android application through two ways.

1. In Eclipse File menu -> New -> Android Application Project

2.  Right click on your Package Explorer -> New ->Android Application Project

Enter the Application Name, Project Name, Package Name, Minimum Required SDK, Target SDK, Compile with, Theme for the new android application on the Window.

Application name is the name of the application
Project name is the name of the project directory which is displayed on the project explorer and also the folder name of your application created in your android workspace.
Package name is the namespace of your application. which is unique for all the packages installed on your android system.
Minimum Required SDK is the lowest version of android which supports your application.
Target SDK is the highest version of android which supports your application.

After Filling all the values press Next Button

Next screen is Configure project screen. 
      You just skip it by press Next Button.

Next screen is Configure Launcher icon Screen.

     Launcher icon is the icon of your application. Press Next Button

Next screen is Create Activity screen.
     You can create the type of activity screen on here. Press Next Button

Next screen is Activity Creation screen.

    On this screen you can enter the name of the Activity also the Layout name.Then Press Finish Button

After that you can see your application on your project explorer.

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