August 31, 2013

How to Start Android Development

About Android

                 Android is an Operating System. which is build on the open Linux Kernal. So it is Open Source. Android provides more user interface libraries, Background processing, Access to file system. Databases, Also Android enables developers to obtain the location of android device. So we can make more applications using Android.

                In this Blog I am going to tell you how to start android development and what are the things required to develop an android application.

  • Java
             *  Download java form Here.
             Set Environment variable. You can Refer this Link for setting Environment variable.
  • Android SDK
             Android SDK is a software development kit. Using this we can create application for the android application. This provides Sample source code, API libraries, development tools, emulator which is for run and debug the application.

           *  Download Android SDK from Here and INSTALL it.
  • Eclipse
            Eclipse is used as Android Development tool plugin.
            *  Download Eclipse java version from Here.

  • ADT Plugin
            Install Android Development Tool (ADT) is a  plugin for  Eclipse IDE. This is to build Android application in Eclipse. It extends the capabilities of Eclipse to setup an android project quickly, to build the User Interface, Run and debug the application and export signed or unsigned application packages for distribution.

           ADT plugin installation
           *  Start Eclipse and select Help Menu ->Install New Software
           *  Press in ADD button on the top right corner of dialog.
           *  Add Name as "ADT plugin" and add location  "" and then press OK
           *  Form the next screen Available Software screen Select all and press NEXT Button.
           *  In the next screen you can see the tools to download then press NEXT button.
           *  Read and Accept license agreement and press FINISH button.
           *  After Installation RESTART Eclipse.
  • Set Android SDK Location in Eclipse 
           Setting SDK Location
          *  Start Eclipse and Select Window menu -> Preferences
          *  In the dialog select Android Menu on the Left side.
          *  Add SDK location as installed location up to tools or platform-tools and then press ok.

  • Install Android SDK version
           Installing SDK versions
          *  In Eclipse and Select Window menu -> Android SDK Manager.
          *  In the dialog select tools, versions of android and Extras then press install.
          *  After installation restart the Eclipse and continue Android Development.


  1. Installing ADT bundle may reduce some complicated tasks ... this might be useful for beginners...

  2. Do you have any link to tutorials or developer forums where I can actually ask questions about my experiences and get response?

    1. Hi Godwin,

      You can use this web link " " for your concerns.

    2. Thank you. I am already a member in Stackoverflow. I was thinking there could be something like Google group dedicated to Android developers.

      Stackoverflow has been of help anyway.